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The directory contains telephone codes about 100000 points of the World, and also the information on time zones. Search allows to find telephone codes on city (country) and on the contrary, on a code - city (country).

    Search city/area codes:
  • Enter into the search form CITY (find out AREA CODE) or AREA CODE (find out CITY). Rules of Search >>
  • Enter the data in cyrillic or roman type.
  • Search is possible on the full or incomplete data, by means of a symbol "*".
  • Time Zone - (UTC).
  • To speed up search you can specify the country (if it is known).


    Search city/area codes
        Examples of searches:
    1. Search (Moscow) on a dial code:              [+7-095] [7*-*95] [*7-09*] [095] [0*5]
    2. Search of a code (095) under the name:    [Moscow] [mosc*] [*scow] [m*s*ow]
    3. Rules of search >>
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