FAQ on the Internet Telephony

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    What is Internet Telephony?
    How does Internet Telephony work?
    How is Internet Telephony different?
    Why does Internet Telephony cost less?
What is Internet Telephony?
  • Internet Telephony is a technology that uses the Internet for voice communications.

    How does Internet Telephony work?

  • When we make an Internet call, our voice signals (the words we utter) are converted and compressed into packets of data. These data packets are then sent through the Internet to the other party on the line. When the data packets reach their destination, they are re-assembled into their original voice signals.
    There are two basic types of Internet Telephony calls:
    1. PC-to-PC
    2. PC-to-Phone

    How is Internet Telephony different?

  • In a regular telephone call, a connection between both parties is established at the telephone exchange, solely for the purpose of the call. Our voice signals are transmitted over fixed telephone l ines, through the dedicated connection, to each other.
  • In an Internet call, the compressed data packets are sent out into the Internet with a destination address. Each data packet makes its own way, along different routes, to their destination. At their destination, the data packets re-group and are converted back into the original voice signals

  • Why does Internet Telephony cost less?

  • Regular telephone calls require an extensive network of telephone exchanges, connected by fixed telephone lines, undersea fiber optic cables and telecommunication sat ellites. The high infrastructure investment by the te lephone companies results in expensive long distance calls for us. A dedicated telephone exchange connec tion also has a lot of excess capacity or idle time d uring a voice call.
  • Internet telephony rides partially on the exist ing network of fixed telephone lines. It also uses the ltest technology to compress our voice signals, and to fully utilize the capacity of the telephone lines. Data packets from different calls, and even different types of data, can travel along the same line at the same time.
  • IP-Telephony