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    There are some sections representing practical interest both for users and for companies of IP-Telephony (Internet Telephony) submitted here. In the future we plan To expand the English version of our service.

  One of the greatest benefits of Internet calling is the savings you can realize when you call long distance - sometimes up to 95% off the cost of traditional long distance calls. As calls are carried over the Internet, rates are determined by the call destination, and not the origin. To find the best rates for calling any location in the world, try IPTop's Price-Analyser.

  Another advantage of Internet calling is that any regular telephone can be reached via a PC. Unlike pc-to-pc technology, such as voice-chat, where both caller and receiver must be online, Internet calling offers the freedom to reach any regular telephone, without requiring any extra effort on the part of the receiver. If you have only a single phone line for your calls and your computer's Internet access, Internet calling allows you to enjoy both at the same time. As before Internet calling uses your online connection, you can talk and still surf the net.

  World Directory Dial Codes: the directory contains telephone codes about 100 000 cities of the World, and also the information on time zones. Search allows to find telephone codes on city (country) and on the contrary, on a code - city (country).

  VoIP Products. In the "Products" section big range of program software and hardware is presented for IP-Telephony in various quantities from simple home-use to complicated multi-channel networks. This section also includes the rating IP-Telephony equipment from different manufacturers.

  Top-Rating of services of IP-telephony: unique, not having of analogues specialized rating of the operators of IP-Telephony (Internet Telephony), the opportunity of voting and viewing of results, top 5 of the leaders, Installation of the form for voting on your site.

  "Price-Analyzer": the analyzer of the tariffs of services of IP-telephony (Internet Telephony) allows to choose service with the lowest tariffs in the direction, necessary for you. The database contains the tariffs of word operators.

  For correct work necessarily turn on support COOKIE and JAVA, Without which you can not carry out bells.

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