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On this page there is a review of the programme and equipment products for IP-Telephony from the different development engineers. Fill in the application form, the managers will contact you in the very near future and will answer all your questions. We also invite for cooperation the companies introducing the ways of IP-Telephony. Our

    PC-Phone adapter PCI Hotline [description]   [to order] The link is incorrect top

  • PCI Hotline
    PC-Phone adapter
    PCI Hotline$120
    Advance payment on the accountfrom €5
    The PCI Hotline allows you to make cost-saving calls from your computer with a standard telephone.
    The PCI Hotline allows you to connect a standard telephone to your computer to place low-cost calls over the Internet. Simply insert the PCI Hotline into a PCI slot in your PC. Then, install our easy-to-use software, connect a phone and you are ready to start making calls.
    With the PCI Hotline, you can dial phone numbers through your telephone handset or from your computer keyboard. And you can use the same phone for your Internet and PSTN calls -- simply press "# #" to switch between Internet and PSTN calling. You will even be alerted when you have an incoming PSTN call.
    - Call any phone in the world at low rates.
    - Make calls with any standard analog phone, including cordless.
    - Use the same phone for Internet and PSTN calling.
    System Requirements:
    - PC (Pentium-class processor or better) with an available PCI slot, 16 MB RAM and a CD-ROM drive.
    - Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition (SE), Windows Millennium (ME), Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
    - A touch-tone analog phone and phone line.
    - LAN, DSL, cable or modem-based Internet connection.

  •     PC-Phone adapter Yap Jack Plus [description]   [to order] The link is incorrect top

  • Yap Jack Plus
    PC-Phone adapter
    Yap Jack Plus$170
    Advance payment on the accountfrom €5
    With the Yap Jack Plus, you can make cost-saving calls over the Internet without a computer.
    Easy to get started. The Yap Jack Plus works with your dial-up ISP and standard analog phone, enabling you to place cost-saving Internet phone calls without a computer. Simply plug your phone into the Yap Jack Plus and connect it to your telephone wall jack. In the initial set-up, just enter your ISP and account information using the convenient LCD. Then, you are ready to start calling.
    Improved calling experience. To make a call, just pick up the phone and press the @ button. Then, dial the other party's phone number. You will hear a sound when a connection is made to the ISP and then the call will be placed. Simply stay on the line during this quick process -- you do not have to hang up and wait for a call-back.
    Easy to make multiple calls. Once your call is finished, you can immediately place more calls without having to connect to the ISP again.
    - Call any phone in the world at low rates.
    - Easily connect to start making calls.
    - Use any standard analog phone to make calls, including cordless.
    System requirements:
    - Any standard analog telephone.
    - A telephone line wall jack and local phone company service.
    - Access to a dial-up Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) compatible.

  •     Linksys Router [description]   [to order] The link is incorrect top

  • Linksys Router
     Linksys Router
    Linksys Router$200
    The EtherFast Cable/DSL & Voice Router handles all of your network and telephony needs in one integrated unit.
    The Linksys Instant Broadband EtherFast Cable/DSL & Voice Router is the perfect solution for connecting a small group of PCs to a high-speed broadband Internet connection or a 10/100 Ethernet backbone-and it features Voice Over IP telephone calls.
    With the Router installed, no other special hardware is necessary for telephone calls. An ordinary telephone connects to the RJ-11 port (telephone jack) on the back of the Router, and calls are routed by superior quality network to anywhere in the world-significantly reducing long distance charges.
    Configurable as a DHCP server for your existing network, the EtherFast Cable/DSL & Voice Router acts as the only externally recognized Internet gateway on your local area network (LAN). The Router can be configured to filter internal users' access to the Internet and serve as an Internet firewall against unwanted outside intruders. Not only does it make Internet access available for up to 253 PCs on the network, but it also adds an additional voice phone line for outgoing calls at no extra cost. None of your PCs even have to be turned on to make calls.

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