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On this page there is a review of the programme and equipment products for IP-Telephony from the different development engineers. Fill in the application form, the managers will contact you in the very near future and will answer all your questions. We also invite for cooperation the companies introducing the ways of IP-Telephony. Our

    VoIP-Phone MAX IP 10 [description]   [to order] The link is incorrect top

  • VoIP-Phone MAX IP 10
    VoIP-Phone MAX IP 10
    MAX IP 10 $140
    Advance payment on the accountfrom €5
    is an IP Phone that enables corporate and home broadband users to make and receive low-cost VoIP and PSTN calls from the same telephone.
    With the Max you can: Allows up to eight users to simultaneously place calls from standard analog phones or an analog PBX, Enables drastically reduced rates on calls to phones and faxes all over the world, Provides even greater savings on calls from one Max to another, Can be easily added to an existing network and phone system, Features flexible configuration options, Available in eight (expandable to sixteen) and sixteen port versions.
    Reduce your communication costs The Max provides small businesses with a low-cost calling solution. Users have the flexibility to call from the place of business or dial into the Max and make low-cost calls from any location. In this way, corporations can save money by enabling employees to make calls through the Max whether they are in the office or not. Other small businesses can also benefit by dedicating one or more lines to off-premise calling, allowing users to place calls from any phone, anywhere.
    Additional business management tools: IVR (Interactive Voice Response) functionality, enabling call connection and account balance announcements, password protection and various user greetings; The capacity to make PSTN calls through FXO ports; The ability to dial other extensions connected to the unit, which can be especially beneficial in an office environment; Compatibility with the Max ABS (Automated Billing System) software, allowing you to set your own rates, generate detailed bills and view call detail records.
    A full line of calling solutions. The Max series features a full line of products to meet the needs of different environments. The series ranges from the Max 4, which allows up to four simultaneous callers, to the Max T1/E1, which can accommodate up to 30 simultaneous users. The Max accepts standard analog phones or can be connected to an analog or digital PBX system. These units are scalable, allowing you to increase capacity as you grow.

        Telephone set Yap Phone [description]   [to order] The link is incorrect top

  • Yap Phone
    Telephone set Yap Phone
    Yap Phone$39
    Advance payment on the accountfrom €5
    The Yap Phone allows you to use an actual phone handset to place cost-saving calls over the Internet. Simply install the Inoline software and plug the Yap Phone into the USB port on your computer.
    Yap, Your Alternative Phone, is Inoline's line of hardware solutions that allows you to easily place low cost Internet phone calls. Yap delivers big savings by putting your voice over the Internet. Calls are placed from a PC or phone and routed over the Internet by Inoline's advanced IP Network. And because the calls bypass much of the traditional phone network, Inoline can provide incredibly low rates for the millions of calls it delivers worldwide.
    System requirements:
    - Windows 98 (2nd release)
    - PC with Pentium II 266 processor or higher
    - USB port
    - 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended)
    - 28.8 kbps modem or greater
    - Internet access
    - Sound card
    - Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x or Netscape Navigator 4.x or higher




  •     MAX ABS [description]   [to order] The link is incorrect top

  • Automated Billing System Max ABS
    Automated Billing System Max ABS
    MAX ABS$500
    Advance payment on the accountfrom €5
    allows administrators to set their own rates and generate detailed bills for calls made through the Max. Set your own calling rates Since everyone's needs and calling patterns are unique, the Max ABS gives you the ability to create specific rates for different countries. You can assign different rates to every country or a standard default rate for any call. Create a bill for any phone call Once you have set the rates and calls have been placed, you can access information for calls made from any line. You can easily print an invoice that details:
    - Telephone number called
    - Date and time of the call
    - Call duration
    - Any tax (if applicable)
    - Total charge for the call in your currency
    Easy to operate Simply install the Max ABS software on a PC that is on the same network as your Max. Then, you can begin to assign calling rates to various countries and print detailed records of these calls.
    - Allows you to easily assign your own calling rates for every country
    - Enables you to print an invoice for any call made
    - Operates with the Max 410, Max 420, Max 430, Max 8, Max 8 Plus, Max 8/16, and Max T1/E1
    System requirements
    - Max 410, Max 420, Max 430, Max 8, Max 8 Plus, Max 8/16, or Max T1/E1
    - PC that is on the same network as the Max unit

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