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On this page there is a review of the programme and equipment products for IP-Telephony from the different development engineers. Fill in the application form, the managers will contact you in the very near future and will answer all your questions. We also invite for cooperation the companies introducing the ways of IP-Telephony. Our

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  • IP Phone
    PC-Phone adapter IP Phone
    IP Phone$280
    Advance payment on the accountfrom €5
    The IP Phone allows you to make high-quality, low-cost calls over a high-speed Internet connection. The IP Phone works with a high-speed/broadband connection (i.e. DSL, cable, ISDN). With this "always-on" connection, you can quickly and easily place low-cost calls. Simply connect the IP Phone to a router or switch. The initial configuration can be very quickly completed through the LCD menu-driven prompts. The calling experience is the same as using a regular phone, so you won't have to learn a new phone system.
    - Call any phone in the world at low rates
    - Save even more by calling another device
    - Use a phone with a standard look and feel to make Internet calls
    System requirements
    1. Switch or router
    2. 17 Kbps per call



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